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December 21, 2011


I love my crafty Wednesdays!  And I did prepare this on Wednesday, even though I am posting it on Thursday.  It was time to put down my crocheting for a moment and just create something fun.  I looked around the net for an idea and I found a lot of people making those bracelets out of candy wrappers.  Hmm...I thought.  That is cool, but I have no candy wrappers and I really, REALLY, don't need to eat that much candy just to get them!  What I do have a ton of is magazines.  So why not cut candy wrapper sized pieces and then have at it?  Sure, we can do this.  I also have a little mail sorting shelf that is terribly ugly and not my style, so I am going to up cycle it.  Let's see just how much fun we can have crafting with old magazines!  Read on my friend, read on...

Okay, so I began by picking out pages of the magazines.  I want this to be nice so I picked pages of a similar color scheme.  Greens (my fave color), pinks, and blues.  There are some yellows and other colors in there but they all coordinate.  So the next step was to cut the pages into "candy wrappers".  I didn't worry about getting them exactly the size of the wrappers, as long as my pieces are roughly the same size, this technique will work.  So instead of cutting zillions of strips and having them blown away by the ceiling fan, trampled by dogs and carried away by cats, I cut 2 pages at a time.  I cut the page in have width wise, then stacked them together, and then cut roughly 1 inch strips from those.  If you haven't noticed, I am not a huge measurer.  This is the mess I have made so far:
Not too terribly bad.  So once I had some strips cut, the next step is to fold them.  I got a bag out of my stash I am saving to make some "Plarn" to contain my folded strips.  Here is how you fold them:

 Take the strip and lay it pretty side down
 Fold one side over to the middle
 Fold the other side to the middle to meet the first side
  Fold the whole thing in half
Then fold each end to meet the fold you mad in the previous step.
It will look like the above!

That is as far as I am going with this for this week.  Make tons and tons of these and we will build something beautiful with them next week!  Happy folding!
Love and Hugs!

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