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December 18, 2011


Wow!  Fingerless gloves, wristies, arm-warmers, mitts, whatever you call them, are super popular at the moment!  I have made six pairs in the past few days to give as gifts.  I got to thinking, usually when something becomes popular like this, there is a reason behind it.  Like in the 80's, when legwarmers were all the rage, it was directly related to the fact that we were wearing mini-skirts, and it was cold out!  What is causing the great fingerless glove rush?  I know! I think I have figured it out, if you want to know too, then read on my friend!
I have been crocheting and loom knitting my behind off.  Making lots and lots of fingerless gloves.  I do believe the reason they are fashionable again is because of cell phones.  You can't very well text with mittens or gloves on your hands!  So function and fashion meet, as they often do!  Your hands stay pretty warm, you can keep your phone glued to your ear, or to your fingers.  And you gotta admit, they are pretty cool looking!  Here are some pics I found of fashions involving fingerless gloves, I guess I just wanted to show you that they are not just for punks anymore!  I posted some links to some patterns and some places to buy the gloves after the pictures.  Enjoy!

See?  Cute!  Here are some links for patterns and shops you can buy them in if you are not needlework inclined!  Happy Holidays!
Make these:   (tons of patterns here!)  (for the guys!)  (for the guys!)  (really cute!)  (cabled)  (Granny Square type)

Or buy them here:

 Happy Holidays!  Love and Hugs!



  1. I had a ball of beautiful wool yarn just screaming to become something. So, they became arm warmers, keeping me nice and toasty.

    I wore them over to Frank's one morning and he was overwhelmed with joy at the memory he just had. His Great-grandmother wore a pair just like them. I immediately took them off and let him try them on. He wore them 'til the day he died. Now the family looks at me weird because I wear them.

    Thanks for the memory.

  2. You are most welcome, and thanks for sharing a wonderful story! Love and Hugs to you!


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