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October 5, 2012


Well, its not by chance that the month of September whooshed past me without a blog post.  I have been working on a new concept for Makings and Musings.  A concept where there will be more, uh, makings, and more musings!  Read on for more info on my plans, and to see what the upcoming months have in store for this blog!

I have been blogging for over a year now.  While it has been fun, I really thought that I would have a ton of readers and have made lots of internet buddies who were interested in the same things I like.  I am grateful for the readers who have continued to read my tiny little piece of the internet!  But it is time to get back to why I started this blog in the first place.  I was struggling with my depression, anxiety, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  I spent days and days doing nothing but lying in bed and staring at the television.  I needed to find something to do that would make me feel useful, alive again.  

I was an art student many, many moons ago.  I have always adored creative endeavors of any type.  As I randomly surfed the Internet one morning, I happened upon some very good crafty blogs.  It occurred to me, I can do that!  I love to write, I NEED to write to organize the thoughts in my head.  I love creating things, lovely things, ugly things, all of it.  

As a result of this blog my home is now more homey.  There are lovely little touches around that show that the people that live here love it.  Before the living room could have been in a vacant house.  Now it looks like a lived in home.  I spent the last half of last year creating lovely things to give my children, and my siblings for Christmas gifts, and they loved them.  

So what went wrong?  The old sad, depressed me crept back in.  I withdrew from everything, including my blog.  I started neglecting it, then tried to ignore it.  I stopped creating things.  Days flew by without even changing clothes or getting out of bed.  Sigh...I think the downfall began when I changed the format.  Instead of blogging everyday, I started just doing it once a week, then maybe every other week.  I actually considered deleting it all together.  But a few weeks ago I began to get inspired.  My niece and nephew were born and I started crocheting for them.  It brought me back to life.  Then I turned to look at my craft corner and saw the raw materials for all the projects I planned to make last year.  Its time.  Its time to break out of this shell and get back on track!  I am excited to be creative again and looking forward to blogging all about it.  I love my readers and even though they may be few, it doesn't make my blog any less important.  And as Dr. Phil says, "I don't need an excuse to sit on the sidelines, I need a purpose to get up and play in the game!"  So, without further musings, on Monday next week I am going to reveal the new Makings and Musings.  I will be once again blogging everyday, and here is the new (and improved) format:

Mondays are designated as Make-up Mondays.  This will be focused on creating beautiful make-up and exploring options that are not only gorgeous, but also good for you and your skin.  I am no fashion maven, but I may throw a bit about my personal style in for good measure!

Tuesdays will be all about making jewelry.  I have a true passion for jewelry making, sometimes my own designs, sometimes borrowed from others.  There will be features on products and trends, and tutorials.

Wednesdays are going to be dedicated to cooking.  I used to love to cook, but with my current physical/medical conditions I am unable to cook very often.  That doesn't mean I can't share my knowledge of culinary pursuits with you!  My household is currently following a fairly low carb lifestyle, so the recipes and techniques I share will be focused on that.  Hubs has lost 60 lbs. and I have lost nearly 30, so look for some helpful hints in that area!

Thursdays are my crafty days.  This will run the gambit from quilling and paper arts, painting, and pretty much everything else that doesn't fit into one of the other categories.  I will offer tutorials, techniques, and lots of pictures to get you started!

Fridays I will be sharing with you what is on my hook!  No, not fishing!  Crochet!  Actually all types of fiber arts.  Lots of these will be baby themed, with 2 new babies in the family, but I have older kids and siblings to create for as well, so there should be a good variety of tutorials, patterns, etc.

Saturdays will be saved for musings.  Just a place to blog about the previous week, I might say something interesting, might not!  You won't know unless you read!

Sundays will be resting days, although I am sure I will be creating or preparing for the next weeks blog entries!  

I am really excited about starting anew and I hope you will continue to read my makings and musings.  See you Monday!

Happy Making and Musing!
Love and Hugs!

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