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December 26, 2011


Whew!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!  Ours was small and family focused, the best kind!  Now that Christmas is over its time to start planning my projects for the coming year.  So...lots of work to do, but I always think the planning is part of the fun!  You get to use your imagination and really think about what you need, want, or are just dying to try your hand at.  For my plans for the next year, read on my lovelies!

Ah is always good to have a plan for whatever you happen to be doing.  I think this is especially true for needlework.  Without a plan you can easily start to feel overwhelmed and stop your creative process altogether!  So the first part of planning your needlework projects is to take an inventory of your supplies.  Yep, time to dig through that yarn stash and figure out how much of what you have left.  Then once you know what you have you can start to plan projects around your stash and really get it pared down.  Wouldn't it be awesome if your yarn stash wasn't threatening to take over your house?  I have been working on paring it down but now is the time to really bust it!

Okay, so we now know what we have on hand to work with.  Now comes the fun part!  Set some goals.  Mine are:
1- Something nice for myself using my red silk yarn in my stash
2- Use up my scraps
3- Blanket for my bed
4- Slippers
5- Items to beautify and brighten up my home
6- Explore jewelry made with crochet

Now its time to peruse patterns and figure out what we are gonna be crafting!  Plans are just a guide, we can always change things if we need to, but its good to have a plan in place to keep us on track!  Here are the projects I have planned to make to bust my stash and enjoy my needle working well into the new year.

1- I have some gorgeous recycled red silk yarn that I have been saving for something special for me!
2- Goal number two is to use up my stash and my scraps.
3- King sized blanket for my bed. 
4- Slippers.  I have none and I am always wearing ugly white tube socks.  I think 4-5 pairs would do.
5- Lots of beautiful things for my home.

I think this will keep me busy for a bit.  When I am finished with these things I will just go through the process again, starting with taking an inventory of my stash.  I hope I have given you some ideas!

Before I could post this I found out that friend of mine are having babies!  I love babies, and I love making blankets, hats, cocoons, etc. for them!  That will add to my goal list quite a bit!

What are you planning to make this coming year?  Let's chat about it!

Next post I will try to share some of the patterns I have found to help me with these goals!  Happy hooking!
Love and Hugs!

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  1. sounds like you are gonna be busy Sugar!

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