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December 15, 2011


I placed an order from Crush Cosmetics and thought I would let you know how it turned out.  Crush is an Etsy shop, and you can find it here.  I ordered 2 full sized eye shadows, a lip tint, and 20 different eye shadow samples.  Read on to see if I liked them, loved them, or chose to leave them!

I ordered my products from Crush Cosmetics on December 4th, and just received them on the 12th.  Just 8 days, but I guess I am a bit spoiled since I have been getting things in 3-4 days.  I went back and saw that Crush is in British Colombia, so I consider 8 days to be pretty darn quick, particularly since it is Christmas shipping season, so no worries there!
I ordered 2 full sized shadows in Crush, their signature shade, and My Immortal.  I also ordered a Lip Tint in Violette, and was gifted one in Vixen.  In addition I ordered 20 different shadow samples, oh boy, was it hard to choose!
I didn't swatch the lippies for you as they are very lightly tinted and it wouldn't be much to look at, but I am wearing one of them now.  I have been trying it out for the past few days and I have to say I love first I was put off by it.  It smells, and tastes lovely.  The only problem is that it is a  I said "at first" I was put off because my lips are super soft since I started using it.  They feel awesome, like they have been freshly exfoliated!  I recommend it highly, and they would be awesome for teens especially the younger ones who are just getting into make up and not ready for lipstick quite yet.
Okay, now lets get to the best part...the shadows!  OMG...I am in love.  Look at these swatches!!!
I had to put my whole hand in cause I have some awesome nail polish on, but that is another post.  From left to right the shadows are: Branded, Crush, Winter, My Immortal, Poison, and Gingersnap.

From the Crush Cosmetics Shop:

Branded mineral eyeshadow has medium sparkle, medium lustre, a dark coffee brown with gold sparkle, smokey eye - most definitely, goes on smooth and stays all-day, we know we tested it.
Crush is our signature colour a high sparkle high lustre mica, like Peacock it also looks like peacock feathers, but more indigo and turquoise with a gold under tone, Stunning!
Winter, fabulous gothic dark grey with lots of lustre, truly beautiful, goes on smooth and stays all-day, we know we tested it.
My Immortal mineral eyeshadow has low sparkle, high lustre,a fabulous Indigo blue with a periwinkle undertones and purple sparkle, Gorgeous!! goes on smooth and stays all-day, we know we tested it.
Poison is low sparkle medium lustre mica, a classic leafy green with a gold olive under tone, excellent for smokey eye application. Sultry! goes on smooth and stays all-day, we know we tested it.
Ginger Snap mineral eyeshadow has medium sparkle, high lustre, a soft taupe brown with pale gold sparkle, goes on smooth and stays all-day, we know we tested it.

They are absolutely stunning, and they blend beautifully!  I didn't swatch all 20 of the samples I ordered, but I can't wait to break into the rest of them.  I wanted to say that samples are an awesome way to try out a color before you commit to a full sized jar.  I knew I would love Crush and My Immortal, but there were a few others I was a tad iffy about, so I got the samples.  I am glad I did.  I feel some more full sized orders coming their way!  They applied soft, almost creamy and are long wearing, even without primer.  I am truly in love with these shades of green, which is my favorite color!  My favorite of the ones I swatched is definitely Winter.

So, did I Like Them, Love Them, or Leave Them?
I can say I definitely LOVE THEM.

Kym from Crush Cosmetics has generously given a discount for my readers to use.  Use code CRUSH 15 for a 15% discount at checkout!  Thanks Kym!

Love and Hugs!

Disclaimer:  I purchased the items in this post (sans the one lippie), and my opinions are my own.

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