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July 21, 2012


Hello my friends! Yesterday my baby sister gave birth to a very sweet little girl! It is very exciting and so weird to think of my little sister as a Mother now! She was born when I was 12, so I am a tad bit older than her, lol. I gave her a few handmade items for her baby shower, and am feverishly working on a few more to send up for a "Welcome Home Baby" gift. I now have 3 nieces and a granddaughter, and another one of my sisters will be getting a baby soon too! Whew! All these babies! It got me thinking about children's jewelry. What is safe for them? What will be put away and cherished when they get older? Read on for a few baby projects and some more of my musings on the subject!

Welcome to the world Maisie Scout Leasure! 

July 16, 2012


Hi there lovely readers!  Well, my break from blogging is finally over, I think the majority of our out of town trips are through.  We did have a great summer!  I was reading the Rings and Things blog this morning and they were talking about PINTREST.  I am a HUGE fan of Pintrest and I was wondering if it's just me, or is it awesome?  Most of my Pins are craft and jewelry making patterns, oh, and lots of crochet patterns too!  I would be happy to share with anyone who wants to take a gander, there are thousands and thousands of Pins on my boards, so fair warning, you may get lost for the day in Pintrest land!  Its a great place to get ideas and waste some time, lots of time...I also wanted to share a bracelet and earring set that I made that was perfect for spring, summer too!  Sorry there is no tutorial, but I will explain what I did, it was pretty simple, so you can make one too!  Read on for some jewelry making goodness!

July 2, 2012


As I am taking some time to regroup, and to update my blog design, I wanted to pop by and wish everyone a wonderful 4th of July weekend.  As you celebrate with your families and friends please stop and think of what makes the US such a great nation!  We have many flaws, and things aren't perfect, but the US is still the best place to live in the world!  Have a great 4th!  Will get the blog hopping again very soon!

HAPPY 4th!
Love and hugs!