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October 10, 2012


There are a gazillion jewelry making patterns out there on the web, but sometimes you just want to make something original!  Do not despair!  You don't have to be a fancy jewelry designer to make original creations.  Let me show you how to make some base patterns, then you can embellish them creatively for your own designs!  Read on for a base necklace, bracelet, and earring pattern that you will surely keep in your jewelry making repertoire for years to come!

Let's get right to it.  You can whip these bases up very quickly and then use seed beads, lucite flowers, sequins, or anything your heart desires to make them your own!

Jill's Necklace Base:

I would use what I call CROSS WEAVE for the necklace base.

Jill's Bracelet Base:

CROSS WEAVE, BRICK STITCH, or PEYOTE all make great bracelet bases.

Jill's Earring Base:

Get creative with this one!

I will put up pics of the actual base pieces next week, as I have gotten some unexpected company and have not been able to get to making them!  Part II will have pics and instructions!

I hope you use these to start making your own designs!  Coming up with the concept of making a base and then embellishing has freed me to start designing my own jewelry instead of always using other people's patterns.  Nothing wrong with using patterns, but sometimes you want to design your very own!  Next week I will show you how I embellished the three bases above, and show you some other base stitches that I like to use.

Happy Embellishing!
Love and Hugs!


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