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August 26, 2012


If you have been following along with me you will know I just got a brand new niece.  With any luck there will be a nephew in my future too!  I always wanted to be the good Auntie.  You know, the one who makes things and sends packages and such.  I have three sisters and they have been truly fantastic Aunts to my children, what an act to follow!  My siblings having children makes me appreciate them in a whole new way.  Seeing my brother interact with his daughter was simply a joy, and if the 60,000 pictures I have seen on Facebook are any indication, my sister is being a fantastic mother as well!  What does this all have to do with my blog?  Well...all these new babies need blankies and clothes and toys, which I can crochet!  Read on for the Days of the Week bibs and booties, and of course more of my rantings and ravings!
Frankie kitty was snoozing on the job, as usual, so Charlie doggie decided to step up and be my lovely assistant today!
See?  He's guarding my yarn!
I started on the Days of the Week Bibs and Booties about the middle of July if memory serves me correctly (and it rarely does these days!).  They were pretty easy and worked up super quickly, but there were like a million of them so it took some time!  Actually there were 7 bibs and 7 booties.  They were supposed to have the days of the week embroidered on them, but I kinda thought that was too much pressure!  I mean asking a poor sleep deprived first-time Mother to know what day of the week it is, is a tad bit much!  With out further adieu here is my finished product:

There are 2 of each, except for green, which was my least favorite color when I started, but now I think I love it!  Notice I switched up the pattern to make 2 versions of the booties, its not written that way, but I thought it would be nice!  Here is a link to the pattern for these, just click HERE.

Oh, here is my niece, lying on the pink blankie I made for her.  I think that one should be in the archive. 

nothing could be cuter!
Hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks for reading!  If you like my blog, and you get a chance please join via Google Friend Connect, or linky followers.  Have a great week!
Happy Babying!
Love and Hugs,

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