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March 5, 2012


Wow!  March is National Craft Month!  Who Knew?  There are several companies and crafters that are sponsoring "A Craft a Day" type challenges this month.  I want to play!!  I guess I am a tad behind, since it is already the 5th, but I can catch up!  Read on for some challenges, plus my own personal challenge!

Yay!  National Craft Month, personally, every month is pretty much Craft Month around here, but this is official so I thought I better do something special or the craft Police might come and arrest me!  So...something simple, but fun!  I am challenging myself to make something crafty EVERY SINGLE DAY in the month of March.  I am a smidgen behind, so I will need to catch up, so today, for catch up I am going to make 5 pieces of jewelry!  After that, at least one crafty creation every single day this month.  I will be sure to post my projects for you!

Oh, have you been to my Pinterest Site?  If not you should go there.  I have TONS of jewelry projects, craft projects, etc. on there.  It is an awesome source of inspiration!  Check it out, and follow me at: Pinterest  <--- Just click the link!

I noticed there are a lot of stores and craft websites doing special things for Craft Month, so I thought I might list them for you here in one place!  If you know of anything I forgot, please let me know!  

Micheal's: <----Click to go to website to see ALL their Craft Month Special Activities!

30 Day Challenge For Craft Month - March 2012, they have a free downloadable calendar at: Fusion Beads PDF Calendar  <---Click

They are celebrating with a linky party!  There is a terrific prize for the best craft!  For rules and more info click here!  <---Click

There are contests and lots of activities going on at Jo-Ann's!  For more info click here!  <---Click

Lots of free patterns and give-a-ways here!  RedHeart is celebrating with a list of 10 ways to celebrate National Craft Month!  Check it out here!   <---Click

Knitting Daily wants you to celebrate this month by knitting socks!  To read more about it click here!

I am sure that is enough to get you started!  If you need more, just try googling "National Craft Month".  I hope you have a very crafty day!  Be sure to check tomorrow for my jewelry!  Then check everyday to see what creative and crafty project I have come up with to celebrate craft month!

Happy Crafting!
Love and Hugs!

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