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March 28, 2012


Have you ever wanted to buy some beads, but had a hard time picking out the beads, or even the store to buy them in?  I just experienced this phenomenon myself.  I call it the bead buying blues (BBB).  Keep reading to hear about my recent case of BBB and how I cured myself!!!

Ah beads.  Wonderful, shiny, sparkly beads!  I love them so, but I often have a problem.  When I finally get the green light to buy them, I never can settle on a store in which to do my shopping.  There are so many awesome stores out there, but none ever seem to cover everything I need.  I am really into bead weaving right now, which requires tons of beads, even if they are itty-bitty ones.  I have tried making a list and sticking to it.  This doesn't work!  Sometimes a store will sell Delica's, but not Toho's.  Or it will sell all kinds of rhinestones, but not rivoli's.  So I end up making my purchase at 4 different stores.  Its very frustrating, and, if they don't have free shipping, it can be downright cost-prohibitive.
My answer?  E-Bay!
E-Bay now has a cart feature so it is just like shopping in one big store.  Find something you like?  Throw it in your cart and you can check out all at once!  The bargains are there, just watch that shipping and you will be happily beading with your new beads in no time!
What about you?  Where do you get the best deals and the most complete inventory?  Let's talk!  Happy Beading!

Love and Hugs!


  1. I know what you mean. It is very frustrating. I buy from several different sites and try to catch the sales. I am new to the whole jewelry making thing. I found you on Pinterest and just love your Pins. Thank you for finding wonderful things.
    Happy Beading :)


  2. Hi Diane! I am glad you found me. I think I am a Pintrest addict! I add things constantly. I am currently trying to organize my boards a little better, but it is a slow process when you can only move one thing at a time!

    I just bought some seed beads from Running Springs Beads, they had Delicas, TOHOs, and matagmas! It made it much easier! But I still have to get other supplies from several other sources!

    I think I am pretty well stocked now! Time to start creating! I hope you will join my blog with Google Friend and Linky Follower! I am trying to get this blog really going, it is still pretty young, so I have lots of hope!
    Thanks again!

  3. best beads are made at home at the kitchen table. my verdict at least.

  4. Welcome Rose! I do believe you may be right. I have made a few types of beads at home, and I am interested in making more! Polymer Clay sounds so interesting, I just kinda have the same problem...where do you buy it? Do you use molds or free-hand them? So many things to learn! Thanks for your comment!


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