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February 19, 2012


Hey there!  I am working on a beaded animal project that I am going to call my Glass Menagerie!  The Glass Menagerie is a play by Tennessee Williams, my favorite playwright!  The project is not ready to post, but I thought I would share the process of developing the idea with you.  Continue reading to see how I came up with this adorable beaded animal craft!

I recently took up bead weaving and I ran across a few different websites that had the cutest little beaded animals on them.  I also received a box of chocolates from my wonderful hubs for valentine's day.  What do these two things have to do with each other?  Seemingly nothing, but after the chocolates were gone, I found myself looking at the empty box.  I truly hate the fact that we throw away so much stuff that could be recycled in this country.  I try to make my crafts from recycled materials when practical.  So I was thinking, what can I do with this box?  I immediately thought of picture frames!  The box is in a shape that suggests a shadowbox to me.  It is a Whitman's Sampler box like this:
So I was thinking that each half of the box could be made into a frame.  A little spray paint, some jewels or seashells, maybe some glitter...

Then I was looking at the little plastic inserts that the candy actually sits in.  What about these?  

They are a nice metallic gold color, and have an interesting texture.  I started thinking, hmmm...maybe I could use these in the frames, maybe I could put a tiny picture inside each one somehow.  A little glue, perhaps some embellishments...sounds okay, but I don't want okay, I want awesome!

Then I remembered the tiny little seed bead animals that I have started making!

I think one of them could fit in each little pocket of the candy trays!  Doesn't my brain work in very strange ways?  At any rate, that is what I am working on.  An Up-cycled Candy Box turned into a frame for lots of little glass seed bead animals!  My own little Glass Menagerie!

As soon as I finish it I will share it with you, perhaps with a tutorial!  I am also working on a crocheted Teddy Bear for my Grand Daughter, but that's a secret!  

I hope you are all having a super awesome weekend!
Happy Up-Cycling!
Love and Hugs!



  1. Will post it as soon as its finished! It's such a whimsical project! Thanks for the comment!


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