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November 29, 2011


I recently started playing around with making my own make up.  I am having a blast, and just yesterday received another package from TKB Trading with more supplies!  So far I have made eye shadows and lip glosses.  Lip glosses?  Yay!  Love them...I love make up in general, eye shadows are my biggest weakness, but I loves me some lip gloss!

So I told you already that I have this problem...I think I can do anything!  So I decided I could make my own lip gloss.  Let me tell you it was fun, but I immediately noticed I was not prepared for this adventure.  I mean what do you mix it in, and with?  How do you get it out of the bowl once you mix it?  And how much of a mess can you make when you try to put it in those little bitty round jars?  Hee hee...
Read on for my adventures in lip gloss!

I mentioned TKB Trading.  What an awesome company.  For those who are interested in starting to make their own, they have sets to make lipsticks, glosses and such.  These are a great way to find out if you are truly interested, or just temporarily insane.  Me?  I never do anything half-assed, and I am permanently insane, so this caused me to jump in feet (lips?) first!  I ordered pigments, micas, a base for mixing them with, and a few other things that sounded like a mad scientist would use!  I ordered stuff for eye shadows too, but that is another post!  I also got the little jars with lids, and I thought I was ready to go!

I began by locating a few Korean soup bowls that I bought at Wal-Mart in South Korea.  Nice small bowls, and I had some wooden skewers I thought would be good to mix with.  I was wrong.  I put some of the base goo in the bowl and then sprinkled the pigments and micas on top, in a quantity I thought would make a nice saturation and a pretty color.  I quickly discovered the goo is kinda stiff, and pigments don't really dig that.  I ended up using a tiny baby spoon to mix them, and still spilled a lot of the powdered stuff.  Not to worry, I eventually got them mixed up and I truly love the final products!  I did go straight to the TKB website when I was finished and ordered mixing bowls, a tiny whisk, and a tiny measuring spoon.  Next time I will be able to actually make recipes, so I can reproduce my results!

Well, here are the picks!  I am gonna get my camera back soon and I will have to retake all these pics for you.

Hope you enjoyed them!
Love and Hugs!

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  1. Looks lovely!I tried to do something similar but you're bang on about the mess!Never tried it again.


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