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July 21, 2012


Hello my friends! Yesterday my baby sister gave birth to a very sweet little girl! It is very exciting and so weird to think of my little sister as a Mother now! She was born when I was 12, so I am a tad bit older than her, lol. I gave her a few handmade items for her baby shower, and am feverishly working on a few more to send up for a "Welcome Home Baby" gift. I now have 3 nieces and a granddaughter, and another one of my sisters will be getting a baby soon too! Whew! All these babies! It got me thinking about children's jewelry. What is safe for them? What will be put away and cherished when they get older? Read on for a few baby projects and some more of my musings on the subject!

Welcome to the world Maisie Scout Leasure! 
For her baby shower I made her a baby blanket and a cocoon. If you are interested here are a couple of links for the patterns I used:

Easy Baby Blanket: Written By Ro Mashka can be found HERE.  The website is in Russian, but the pattern is written in English if you scroll down.  I neglected to take a picture of the finished blankie, but it is pink and I added a frilly white border around the edge.

Crocheted Newborn Cocoon:  I used a kit from Annie's Hook and Needle Club, but this one is very similar, written by Beverly A. Qualheim and it can be found HERE.
Here are the pics I took:

I am now working on a Hexagon Baby Blanket. I received it as a kit from Annie's Hook and Needle Club, but HERE is a very similar pattern.  I am using some really soft greenish blue baby yarn.  I think it will be fabulous and I will post a picture when I am finished.  This is the picture from the website:

The other project I am working on is a set of seven bibs and booties that coordinate with each other.  The pattern is on the Bernat website, so you need an account there, but it is an easy, and of course free sign-up.  The pattern is HERE.  Instead of putting the days of the week on them I am applique-ing some  cute little motifs on them.  The booties are really cute too, and easy!

I hope you can use some of those patterns! So...the question of the day is:Since I LOVE making jewelry items, what would be appropriate to send to the new baby? And then what would be good for my grand daughter, who is two? I found these on the Internet:


I am thinking perhaps a simple Swarovski Star, Heart, or Butterfly pendant on a sterling silver chain.  What do you think?  Will update you on what I decide to do, maybe even some New Mommy jewelry too!

Thanks for reading!
Happy Babying!
Love and Hugs!

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