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January 26, 2012


Have I been busy!  Lots of craft projects are coming together here at my house.  This week I made an adorable three paneled wall hanging.  If you want to make one too, keep reading and I will show you how I did it!
First, let me introduce you to my assistant, Frank:

Doesn't he look thrilled?  Now gather up the following supplies:
3 - 3x3 canvasses (or whatever size you want)
Scrap fabric, gems, ribbons, t-shirt yarn, etc...
Hot glue gun

Okay, I was a bad blogger and didn't take pictures of the process, I promise to work on that!  This is so easy you will be okay without them though!

Step One:  Pick out 3 pieces of fabric large enough to cover your little canvasses.  Just a thought: if you don't have canvasses, you could very simply use 3 card board cut outs.  That would be better since you would be saving it from a landfill!  You can choose to have all three covered in matching fabric, all different solids, or different parts of the same print.  Use your imagination and make it your own.  I had some beautiful denim fabric that had a lovely embroidered pattern on it.  I used three parts off this same fabric, the appliqued flower, the large embroidered flower, and the little bitty embroidered flowers.

Step Two:  Hot glue the fabric to your canvasses/card board squares.  Glue them on the back so you create a smooth line and cover the sides as well as the front.

Step Three:  Decorate your 3 covered panels.  Use bows, ribbon, buttons, whatever you like.  Make sure you have lots of contrasting colors on it so it really stands out!  

Step Four:  After you are happy with your canvasses/boards, its time to group them together and address the hanging issue.  Take a long ribbon (I used t-shirt yarn) and glue each canvas/board on to it evenly spaced.  You can just make a loop in the ribbon at the top and hang it, but of course, I wanted more!  So...I glued a big ribbon that I saved from my birthday flowers (thanks hubs, I love you!) to the ribbon at the top.
Then I formed the t-shirt yarn into an upside down "V" to create a hanger, and glued it to the back of the ribbon.

Step Five:  Hang it and enjoy your handiwork!

Here it is again!

I might cut that tail off the bottom!  So, which panel do you like the best?  Should I cut the tail off?  Are you gonna try this?  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

Oh my golly!  Wait till you see the gorgeous butterfly pictures I made...that's for next time!

Happy hot-gluing!
Love and Hugs,


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